COVID-19 Vaccine

The government of Canada is currently funding promising research into a potential vaccine for COVID-19. This should be good news. Unfortunately, this research uses cell lines derived from children killed by abortions. Not only should public money not be used to fund unethical research, but Canadians who have ethical concerns shouldn't be forced to receive the vaccine. 

UPDATE (Sept 2020): 

The government of Canada, led by the most anti-life Prime Minister in our history, has thrown in the towel.

As you know, the Government of Canada, through its grant-dispersing arm the National Research Council, gave money to CanSino Biologics to aid in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine was using cell lines from an aborted girl in its development.

This funding has now been cut. In its place, the Government of Canada is now going to purchase vaccine treatments developed by Moderna and Pfizer. They have not been developed unethically.

This is a huge win for the pro-life movement in Canada. Despite the hostility of the most aggressively anti-life government in our history, the pro-life movement was strong enough to fight back and win. 

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, sent their MP or the Minister of Health an email, or called their office.  

As we always say at The Wilberforce Project, Together We Win!

We the undersigned call upon the government to stop funding unethical research into a COVID-19 vaccine. 

We furthermore call upon the government to make it clear that they have no intention of mandating that all Canadians receive an unethically-developed vaccine, thereby violating the innate right to freedom of conscience of pro-life Canadians. 


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