Vaccines are essential to our public health. Through vaccines, we saved the lives of millions, perhaps billions, by protecting us from some of the very worst diseases known to man. Some of these diseases, such as polio and smallpox, have even been successfully eradicated.

That is why the unethical development of vaccines, using cell lines derived from aborted children, is such a mortal danger to our society. By eroding public confidence in a pillar of our public health strategy, we risk the collapse of all our efforts. People should be confident when they receive a life-saving vaccine that the protection of their life did not come at the expense of another.

Therefore, The Wilberforce Project is calling on the government of Canada to stop funding unethically-developed vaccines for COVID-19 and instead to give the money to ethical vaccine research. There is no scientific or public health reason to insist on using cell lines from aborted children and there are strong moral reasons not to. Continuing this funding will only undermine public confidence in the moral efficacy of vaccines in general.

If, however, the government insists on ignoring the sound public health and moral reasons against funding unethical COVID-19 vaccine research, we hope they will defend the freedom to abstain from vaccination. We believe that pro-life Canadians will gladly do our duty to public health, but many believe receiving such a vaccine will make them complicit in the killing of pre-born children. 

The government should not compel Canadians to receive an unethical vaccination for two reasons. First, because freedom of conscience is essential to a free society. For society to function, people must be free to do what they think is right or at least not be compelled to do things they believe are morally wrong. 

Secondly, it will be a very long time before enough doses of the vaccine are prepared to be able to get them to all Canadians. By that time, an ethically-sourced version should have been developed. Forcibly inoculating people with the unethical vaccine will only mean that those doses won't go to other people who want them more.

In summary, we ask the government for two things: 1) to stop spending money on the development of unethical vaccines and instead redirect that funding towards ethical alternatives and 2) to recognize the right of Canadians to freedom of conscience.