The Wilberforce Project is fighting for the freedom of conscience of Canadians.  We are also fighting against unethical vaccine research.  If protecting freedom and human life matter to you, would you consider chipping in to help us continue our work? 

It costs us $5 to identify five new pro-life Canadians and integrate them into the movement. 

With $25 we are able to train a pro-life Canadian in how to win a political campaign. 

With $50 we can hire a professional caller to contact 100 pro-life Canadians about an upcoming opportunity to take action. 

With $100 we can send a text message to thousands of pro-life Canadians about political action. 

With $1000 we are able to raise a part time staff member to full time for a month. 

As you can see, every little bit helps us build a better country.  Please consider chipping in. 



Note: The Wilberforce Project is a registered non-profit and does not have charitable status due to its political work.